+ What happens once I order?

Upon placing a Social Expmnt order a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided at checkout. This is automatic, and will include all the info you have provided for us to ship your order correctly. Please ensure your address is EXACT so that we can get the package to your doorstep! If, for some reason, the address on your order is incorrect contact us ASAP with the correction. Be precise loves!

Please note that Social Expmnt has the right to cancel an order at any time due to: incorrect pricing, fraudulent activity, inventory errors or suspicious activity. Cancelled orders will receive a full refund.

+ When will my order ship out?

All orders will be shipped within 1-2 weeks of purchase; we do not ship on weekends! Once your package has been shipped you will receive a confirmation email and a subsequent email with your tracking information. If you did not receive this email after 1-2 weeks, please feel free to contact us.

*Based on order volume, this processing time will fluctuate, and during busy periods will likely increase.*

+ Does Social Expmnt ship internationally?

You’re in luck- Social Expmnt ships worldwide! However we are not responsible in the case customs fees are charged by your home country as it is 100% out of our control! UPS & DHL ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AS OPPOSE TO USPS FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS! 

+ Customs is charging me a fee to collect my item, will you pay this?

Social Expmnt is not responsible for custom holdings or custom fees. We try our best on our end legally to make these fees as minimal as possible, but we do not have any control over international fees set by your local postal courier/laws.

+ I received my shipping confirmation text/email but my tracking hasn't updated?

Your item is still processing! This notification simply means your shipping label has been printed and your order is still being processed by the shop owner! Once your order is dropped off with the shipment courier, your tracking will update within 12-24 hours! 

+ How is stainless steel sustainable?

We love stainless steel because it is 100% recyclable, durable, and medical grade hypo-allergenic!

+ How is Social Expmnt giving back?

It is our goal to not only raise money, but more prominently mental health awareness. It only feels right to donate 5% of the proceeds earned through Social Expmnt to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention as the importance of the mental stability and security of adolescents in the United States as well as worldwide is an issue whose severity is ever too frequently overlooked. We’ve donated over $5,000 to various mental health organizations and you can track our progress here!


+ Where do I stay tuned on new Social Expmnt drops and restocks?

Follow our Instagram @socialexpmnt or subscribe to our newsletter!


+ Please reach out and contact us!

Send us an email to contact@socialexpmnt.com and we’ll get back to you soon!